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Why Choose Herfo's Firewood?

Herfo’s is a family owned business serving Northern Sydney for over 40 years.

We select the best burning firewood for you to yield the best heat and duration for your fireplace. We choose only quality seasoned Australian hardwood, predominantly Iron bark and ethically sourced.

Our firewood is quality tested and guaranteed. Herfo’s firewood is sold by certified weight (not by volume) which means you get exactly what you pay for. 

We source Australian hardwoods that have been air dried, dead standing or dead fallen for a minimum of 10 years, from regions at least 500kms inland from the coast, away from medium to high rainfall. (Less than 300mm per year) This gives us products with maximum moisture content of 15%.

By investing in low moisture, high heat duration firewood means you get the best value. It also ensures that your fireplace or slow combustion heater will perform as intended and not block up with unburnt material. It also burns with much less smoke and leftover ash. Further, Co2 emissions and greenhouse gases released by burning are less than if same quantity of timber is composted naturally.