Landscape Supplies

Landscape Supplies

Where Quality, Customer Service, Convenience, and Volume Consistency Meet

Are you having trouble finding quality soil and landscape supplies from a reliable landscape provider for your projects? Are you worried about using inferior products or having to buy too much at once? Buy quality products as you need with Herfco Sand Soil Solutions. 

We offer a range of products with varied applications – from filing soil to our premium potting mix made of quality ingredients. 

At Herfco Sand Soil Solutions we don’t compromise on quality. Our soil is made with coffee grounds and virgin Australian topsoil, avoiding any contaminants, weeds, or unwanted elements. Plus, we filter our soil to 25mm, 20mm or 10mm and have it DPI lab tested for quality assurance.

We believe that nothing should go to waste – which is why our soil is made from a repurposed by-product of cold-press coffee production! 

We’re here to provide you with a reliable and consistent supply all year round, so you can rest assured knowing that your projects will be taken care of with quality materials and superior customer service.

Buy our specialty landscape products. We mix 50% coffee grounds and 50% woodfines to create a coffee compost soil that's ideal for your garden, plants and veggies. Meanwhile, our Australian Eucalyptus Mulch is highly recommended for landscaping as it is organic, long lasting, and especially good for weed control.  For any enquiries, please call (02) 9988 4444!

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