1 tonne (1000kg) Mix (Premium Ironbark & Australian Buloke) Plus delivery.

1 tonne (1000kg) Mix (Premium Ironbark & Australian Buloke) Plus delivery.

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Premium Ironbark & Australian Buloke Firewood Mix (1 tonne or 1000kg) for Delivery or Pick Up

1000kg mix of premium ironbark and Australian Buloke firewood PLUS delivery. Great value with the mix of both timbers emitting high heat volume and long burning duration.

Our ironbark is the best from Queensland being extremely dry and seasoned. This ironbark is perfectly processed and for most fires will not require further splitting. Length is around 30cm.

Our "Australian Buloke" aka "Bull Oak"  is known as the world's hardest wood from Western NSW.  It is the best of the best when it comes to firewood and an appropriate addition to our quality range of hardwoods.  It owns exceptional qualities with slower burning efficiency, high, stable heat and longer coal life.  It is a must for those looking for premier firewood.  Seasoned for well over five years, with upwards of 25-30% longer burning time, low smoke characteristics  and a very low moisture content.  

All our firewood is sold with a certified weighbridge ticket.


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