Frequent Questions

Some answers to questions asked by customers

Q: Why is Herfo's wood top quality?

A: We source this wood from trees that died up to twenty-five years ago. The timber comes from NSW and Queensland western foothill areas (of low rainfall) therefore the wood is bone dry.


The wood is selected from species that produce high heat output, generally ironbark or box.

The timber is air dry for a minimum of fifteen years, sometimes longer. This is important in hardwoods that can be relied upon to produce the following characteristics;

  • A long lasting fire. Economical burning in a slow combustion fire.
  • Exceptional heat output. Forestry commission data to support this.
  • Good coals and little ash. White box does produce some fine ash.
  • Minimal pollution. Certainly none of the acrid smoke of sap laden coastal timbers associated with "tree lopper " products.

This wood is more economical than other types due to its ideal characteristics. Being totally seasoned it will not harm slow combustion fires.

Q: Am I getting value for money when I buy in cubic metres?

A: If all wood sellers complied with the law there would be an easy comparison of price across the board. The weights and measure law prefers that wood be sold by weight with an approved weighing device. This company is the only fuel merchant complying with the law.

The law provides a concession to sell by cubic metres, provided the wood is stacked in a measured bin with no air spaces between the logs. This is physically impossible.

At time of writing, I am unaware of any merchant attempting this. In any case wood measured this way will be a different volume every time. The juxtaposition of the timber in the bin will create this difference.

Q: How do I recognise good quality wood?

  • Weight should be heavy and dense.
  • Appearance dry. No evidence of creosote seeping or staining the ends of logs or splits. There should not be any bark still attached.
  • Sound. Knock two pieces together and a hollow "bonk" sound should be heard. Unseasoned wood gives a dull thud sound.
  • Guarantee. Ak the supplier for a written guarantee.
  • Is the seller a tree lopper? ┬áIf so avoid dealing with them. Particularly if you have a slow combustion heater.
  • Terms like "mixed hardwood" and "B grade wood" are alternate names for inferior wood, which can coat your flue with creosote and or damage your fire.

Q: Will a tonne last all winter?

A: A good quality timber will last longer than inferior types.

Factors which affect consumption are;

  • Sole source of heating
  • Long or short winter duration
  • House location to winter sun
  • Special occasion heating or 24 hour
  • Open or slow combustion fire

Q: Will all appliances perform the same with Herfo's wood?

A: No. Manufacturer's specs differ. Majority are OK. Some experimentation may be needed to set the air intake for overnight heating requirements.

Q: Is the wood easy to ignite?

A: No. Dense heavy hardwoods like this burn at high temperatures. They need to be brought to ignition temperature. We recommend kindling and or fire starters.

Q: Can I get more information or advice?

A: Yes call, we are happy to help.