Why Choose Herfco Landscape Supplies?

Why Choose Herfco Landscape Supplies?

I’m sure you’ve been trying to find the right soil blend for your landscape projects, but it can be a real challenge! You’re probably dealing with inconsistency in quality, quantity, and price. It can be frustrating getting the wrong mix of materials or not being able to get enough of it on time.

This is why at Herfco Sand Soil Solutions, we ensure that quality, customer service, consistency, and convenience meet. Here’s how choosing our soil blend would be a smart decision for your landscaping needs:

Made With Natural Ingredients

We understand the importance of providing your plants with the best possible growing environment, that’s why our compost soil is made using only natural ingredients. 

Our repurposed soil blend is a result of a careful mixture of 50% coffee grounds and 50% woodfines with virgin Australian topsoil. This unique blend creates a coffee compost that is ideal for your garden, plants, and vegetables. The organic matter from the coffee grounds enriches the soil to promote healthy plant growth, while the woodfines help in moisture retention and nutrient distribution.

Filtered and DPI-Lab Tested for Quality Assurance

Quality is our top priority at Herfco Landscape Supplies. Our soil goes through a meticulous filtering process, ensuring that it is available in different sizes (25mm, 20mm, or 10mm) to meet your specific needs. We also conduct DPI-lab testing to guarantee that our soil surpasses the highest quality standards so you could get the best compost soil for your landscape projects!

Consistent Volume Supply Throughout the Year

Inconsistency in the supply and quality of your compost soil can be a major inconvenience when starting your landscape projects, but you can now say goodbye to these worries! We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent volume supply all year round so regardless of the season, you can rest assured that your projects will be taken care of.

Delivery and Pickup Options For Your Convenience

Whether you prefer the ease of doorstep delivery or if you want to see our soils up close first, we got you covered! Herfco Landscape Supplies offers delivery or pickup options from Berowra or Central Mangrove for your convenience.

Your Organic Landscaping Needs All in One Place

Besides our Coffee Compost Soil, we also have the Australian Eucalyptus Mulch, our highly-recommended, organic, and long-lasting mulch made for weed control. This mulch locks in moisture, reducing water evaporation on your plants and preventing it from drying out, especially during the summer season. Never worry about your plants’ health again!

When it comes to finding the best compost soil for your gardening and landscaping needs, Herfco Landscape Supplies stands out with our commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and convenience. Plus, you don’t have to worry about verifying at purchase or running short of material during a project - we’ll always have the volume you need.

Make the smart choice and choose Herfco Landscape Supplies for all your compost soil requirements. Talk to us now and let’s make your next project a success!