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Best Ironbark Firewood in Sydney - Delivery and Pickup

Looking for premium, multi-purpose firewood? Get Ironbark Firewood now!

Sydney is a beautiful and vibrant city that is famous for its iconic landmarks, stunning beaches, and diverse population. But as the temperature drops in winter, many residents in Sydney turn to heat their homes with firewood, and one of the most popular firewood choices is Ironbark Firewood.

This timber is reputed to be the best from Queensland being extremely dry and seasoned, fit for multiple uses such as cooking, baking, or when heating up the room.

Ironbark firewood sydney delivery

Ironbark Firewood Products:

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We deliver 500 kg to 1 tonne of firewood throughout Sydney. You may also choose to pickup the firewood at the Herfo's Woodshed. 

Benefits of Ironbark Firewood:

  • High Heat Output: Ironbark is a hardwood that has a high density, producing a lot of heat when burned. This makes it an excellent choice for heating your home during the winter months or for outdoor activities like camping or backyard fires.
  • Low Smoke: Ironbark firewood produces low levels of smoke, ash, and pollutants when burned, so you can enjoy a cozy fire without worrying about disturbing your neighbors or violating any local regulations.
  • Long-lasting: No more worrying if you’ll run out of wood in the middle of the night. Ironbark Firewood burns for 6 to 8 hours, which means less.
  • Dry and Seasoned: Our Ironbark Firewood is already dry, seasoned, and split so you won’t have to do any further splitting. Length is controlled by the processing machine to around 30cm. All wood is sold with a certified weighbridge ticket.
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly: Aside from being one of the popular choices, our Ironbark Firewood is ethically and sustainably sourced.

We Offer Firewood Pickup and Delivery in Sydney

We deliver firewood in Sydney and the suburbs including Glenorie, Dural, Middle Dural, Arcadia, Castle Hill, Thornleigh, West Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Mooney Mooney, Somerby, and more.

For delivery, you can order online or give us a call at (02) 9988 4444.

For pickup, our address is located at:
South Bound Pacific Highway
Berowra, NSW 2081 (opposite Hornsby Kurin'gai district fire control centre).

Why Choose Herfo’s Woodshed

For over 40 years Herfo’s Woodshed has built a renowned reputation for supplying quality, firewood to Sydney and suburbs such as Glenorie, Dural, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Somersby, West Pennant Hills, North Shore, and more. As a known local firewood specialist, we select the best-burning firewood for you to yield the best heat and duration for your fireplace.

Our quality seasoned range includes ironbark firewood, mixed firewood, and Australian Buloke Wood, which is ethically sourced. Whether you are looking for firewood near me, bags of firewood near me, or firewood in Sydney, Herfo’s is your local NSW-based firewood specialist. Explore our firewood range today!


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